The gauss that overcome Ye is punished be troubled by ATP Rome Great Master to surpass greatly: Anger throw bat to throw a chair


Throw bat, kick water bottle, throw a chair, be punished direct knapsack takes a person after one bureau, the gauss that overcome Ye was in ATP Rome last night master game was troubled by greatly again. Later, ATP sentences play away of the gauss that overcome Ye this match, adversary Lu De is to make known one’s position more, the gauss that overcome Ye should be banned to surpass half an year at least.

Come to Rome, the gauss that overcome Ye does not have at a loose end all the time, it is the attack in be上海千花网龙凤论坛

being interviewed first the person such as Deyaokeweiji, Nadaer. The match with Lu De is medium last night, the gauss that overcome Ye is to make field greatly more. In the match, the gauss that overco上海千花网交友

me Ye complains spot audience is too noisy, be in all the time and juridical bargaining. De上海龙凤论坛

cide the issue of the battle dish after the hair that be defeated, capture out of control of Ye gauss mood, anger throw bat, refuse chair. After be warned to punish one bureau one after another, the gauss that overcome Ye cleared away ball bag to leave field directly.

I was beaten by the sort of bad mood again, the case t爱上海同城

hat I consider to those who say is at that time is too mad, end Roman Great Master very unfortunately to surpass with such means. Feel sorry Rome, probably we return meeting good-bye. The gauss that overcome Ye says on gregarious media subsequently.

Face so mad rival, lu De hopes to punish severely the gauss that overcome Ye to ATP propaganda to the enemy at the front line, I am not my person thinks he should ban contest certainly at least half an year.

After its happening, of ATP and Roman master g爱上海同城论坛

ame punish prep close behind and come: The gauss that overcome Ye is fined 20 thousand euro, and the bonus that Roman Great Master surpasses 33635 euro the 2nd round, this station match integral cancels, hotel room charge provides for oneself during the match. Current, ATP still does not have the decision that increases punishment.

This morning, the strange Fe上海千花网

idele in changeover conquer grave also was asked about this one topic. Swiss person, whether to ban contest to want to be treated cautiously to overcoming Ye gauss, this kind of thing wants discretion, my individual does not know whether he should be banned surpass really, he left field, what did he still do, hurt advocate cut into parts? Fei Dele weighs current punishment already very severe, everything what he has known all happening is wrong.

This is not Keyegaosidi in the be angry on field, also not be he is punished by ATP for the first time. Shanghai Great Master was surpassed 2016, the gauss that overcome Ye is in in listing husband race with at present dimension negative race, howl audience, fine forty-one thousand five hundred dollar and be banned to surpass 8 weeks by ATP. (reporter Sun Haiguang)

Original title: Throw bat to throw a chair, the mad gauss that overcome Ye does Roman responsibility edition greatly: Li Xiaoling

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