Lukewarm net pulls open female sheet of promotion of Qiang of big screen king the 2nd round


Our newspaper Beijing on July 3 report (reporter Li Shuo) lukewarm上海龙凤论坛

Boer ascend tennis tournament 3 days to pull open big screen in British London. In female only first-run competition, qiang of Chines爱上海同城论坛

e player king with 6 ∶ 3, 4 conquer of 6 ∶ Zhang Kaizhen of Chinese Taipei player, promotion daughter is odd the 2nd round. This is Wang Qiang this sports season obtains in vole match head get the better of, also be she wins a ball in lukewarm net first.

In the delegate Tianjin team wins thirteenth after champion of female group of the national games, wang Qiang did not attend warm up of any a meadow to surpass, “Airborne ” lukewarm Boer ascend. Before considering a few sports season surpass expression in meadow warm up not beautiful affected confidence, coach Maikelamana of Wang Qiang suggests she goes up to train only in the meadow, do not ta上海夜网论坛

ke part in the match, will prepare for war for lukewarm net. “Hope fight goes a miracle. ” before Wang Qiang is surpassed, express.

First-run face the Zhang Kaizhen with ball feral wind, wang Qiang slow and steady, developed dozen of oneself way adequately, and Zhang Kaizhen suffers tired Yu Fei to get approach sex error overmuch. Wang Qiang takes the lead in first dishes realizing broken hair, obtain 5 ∶ for a time of 1 banner. Although Zhang Kaizhen captures Wang Qiang chase after two bureaus repeatedly laxly, dan Wangqiang still serves in the 2nd his got the better of dish of bureau to grasp an opportunity, with 6 ∶ 3 leave one town first. The 2nd dish of two people are hit more dovishly, serve in oneself bureau did not leave too much opportunity to adversary, battle of before 8 bureaus becomes 4 ∶ 4, wang Qiang realized key 爱上海同城论坛

broken hair in the 9th bureau, greeted oneself serve bureau success contest, although was taken by adversary,broken hair is nodded, dan Wangqiang is ad cool-headed answer, chase after 3 minutes repeatedly, with the forehand get the upper hand of before a net cent ended the contest. Full-court match costs only. The technical statistic after contest shows, wang Qi爱上海同城

ang sends successful rate, one hair to notch rate, broken hair is l爱上海同城手机版

ed successfully and notch before the net rate is comprehensive and banner.

Wang Qiang the 2nd round will be opposite a Daweilianmusi of American famous general.

” People’s Daily ” (on July 4, 2017 15 edition)

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