” killer: 13 ” preview


Be in in the closest Ubi software of ECTS exhibit on, on the Xbox version that we played XIII two close. Every close to a few is nod jointly, what perhaps make a person feel curious most is them full of a lot of hostile parts that no matter we use what method,cannot harm.

In the first 上海千花社区

close, emergence escapes in the financial structure that we need Cong Yidong is being robbed. Guard is everywhere over there, and they think erroneously we are mixed rob about, but although they hold to, if killed any guard to be able to be considered as this task fail automatically,we are infor爱上海同城对对碰

med. Have in the house of ground floor fortunately be kidnapped very easily regard as by us the employee of the female of hostage. Want to decorate her carefully between us, those guard can follow at the back of us all the time, but want you only carelessly, can let them find an opportunity to shoot toward us. We are forced to be close to each guard to Ko them by turns at the same time we can escape safely go out — but we are rapid still be waited for outside FBI is arrested.

Accordingly, the 2nd content that close is the from FBI headquarters below the circumstance that we are not harming anyone escapes. Fortunately our enemy is in charge of us without ability temporarily, there is the wooden chair in the office of most before this, ashtray, the thing that bottle waits a moment falls to go up. Pick up drops the weapon of the enemy on the ground to do not have what meaning temporari爱上海

ly, but soon, the nark of FBI people mix another group not to know to went into this architectural e上海贵族宝贝交流区

nemy to spread out gunfight with what method. Should come to area of these two groups of people to have some of trouble apart, but you can be used whether change is distinguished when the post when you lay a target, at this moment our circumstance just has a little some improve, just make we can finish the job smoothly.

Two toll-gate pass elaborate design, and the method of the task that finish very rich and have challenge sex very much. The ammo of the weapon with those powerful vigor has strict restriction, those words that we爱上海龙凤419桑拿

can use fistfight weapon if to be able to change to use a handgun only are likely will more welcome. XIII is booked will be in October 10 put on sale, this ver上海龙凤论坛sh1f

sion that we play had been finished probably 80, we will make farther report for everybody henceforth.

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