The Ren Tiantang of pedantic becomes a hand to swim in the not quite up to the mark 15 years ago big plant


Company of old brand game holds the post of heaven to may give a lot of players conservative impression, this company just rolled out the gregarious APP of equipment of the first corresponding intelligence recently, actually, heaven allows early to had begun the research of mobile phone and relevant game respect before 15 years, perhaps if it were not for in those days GBA sale is good, can perhaps Ren Tiantang also begin to throw mobile phone market?

Go up in game forum recently, the user released a series of patent pictures that Ren Tiantang filed 2001. Among them we saw the type of the mobile phone deployed a similar Nuojiya to hold the post of the crossed key with classical heaven and AB pushbutton! And, still revealed a handle machine menu to buy GB game, for instance ” super Maliao DX ” and ” galactic soldier 2 ” .

Ren Tiantang begins to take intelligent equipment seriously more this year, besides at present already besides the Miimoto of conflagration, still will roll out blaze this year heraldic with the animal dark software of mobile phone game.

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