DICE general at be being announced next week ” battleground 5 ” separate meeting has direct seeding of game what is actually happening


After a lot of hearsay, we should be opened eventually ” battleground 5 ” mysterious veil! According to newest message, DICE will announce this work formally on May 6, love ” battleground ” the vermicelli made from bean starch of series must not be missed.

In this news briefing, DICE still can pass direct seeding of a whole world to be brought for everybody ” battleground 5 ” game what is actually happening, let you treat a feel well absolutely. Specific time is the United States on the west time 6 days afternoon at 1 o’clock (Beijing time 7 days of before dawn at 4 o’clock) , interested player mights as well an evening is endured in the evening in Zhou Wu, have a look ” battleground 5 ” after all how.

Although DICE has not announced any official news, but there is a message to say all the time before this ” battleground 5 ” will be in game setting set one war period. Playing be bored with after World War II and prospective war, recursive of primitive simplicity but euqally bloody however one battle can yet be regarded as a kind of right choice.

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