11 years old of boys break couplet 50 hours to do not have money to get online sit the Internet bar sees a person play game


Always plain 11 years old small five read Yu Xuan to spend elementary school, love network sport at ordinary times. 11 days, he is going to school couplet is broken in road, family look about is not had if really. Till two day hind, the policeman just finds him in an Internet bar.

Yesterday, reporter couplet strung is small five maternal king lady. She says, the son is young five take 201 buses to be able to arrive directly at Xuan to spend elementary school every morning, car Cheng makes an appointment with 11 minutes. That day (11 days) when going out, I did not discover the child has any peculiar. Till in the morning 8:20, ms. Wang receives the telephone call of small Director Wu Ban suddenly, say small five had not attended class to the school.

It is to attended class at 8 o’clock at ordinary times. Ms. Wang says, after receiving a telephone call, she asks for leave to the unit instantly, search around the home, school teacher also comes help. One day is searched without fruit hind, they were dialed 110 call the police.

That evening, ms. Wang discovery is small five QQ date has logged onto a game, suspect from this small five went Internet bar. Subsequently, ms. Wang saunters in each Internet bars all the time, but 12 in the future, small five QQ date is done not have again on line, the space is right now little five break couplet to already had 40 hours.

13 days midday, ms. Wang receives constabulary telephone call: Small five found, in an Internet bar around old street, seeing others play game. Ms. Wang drives this to the Internet bar instantly, saw break couplet of 50 hours small five. Original, these two days, small five stay in the Internet bar all the time, just began him to still money gets online, later money consumed, he is waited for all the time others looks to play game in the Internet bar.

Be afraid that he goes out to get online, take money to give him rarely at ordinary times, give 9 yuan only every time. Ms. Wang says, the son plays game with respect to love at ordinary times, so she is in charge of very severely.

Small Wu Xihuan goes Internet bar, also like to lend money to the classmate, I still borrow last term he is ten yuan. Small five classmate Xiaowang tells Ms. Wang. Another classmate Xiaochen ever asked small five how to enter an Internet bar, he tells me, he knows the net canal of the Internet bar, want to say on a few a good word only, can go in get online.

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